School Toilet Installations

On The Level can design and supply a complete heating, plumbing and school toilet installation / washroom solution for any school or college.

Water Efficient Toilet Systems

On The Level work with the latest technologies in water preservation within your washroom facilities and in your general heating and plumbing requirements.

School Sanitary Ware

We provide school washroom facilities that are easy to clean, functional and durable including
ceramic sanitary ware and stainless steel sanitary ware. Please contact On The Level to receive the latest school sanitary ware options available.

Toilet Cubicle Installation

On The Level also provides toilet cubicle installation as well as total school toilet facilities installation.

Urinal Types for Schools & Colleges

We supply a variety of urinals suitable for schools and colleges including standard urinals, waterless urinals, ceramic urinals, and stainless steel urinals. For more information on School Urinals click

Gender Neutral Toilets

OnTheLevel can supply and fit gender neutral toilets in your school following the guidelines as set out in ‘Being LGBT in School’ by GLEN / The Department of Education & Skills:

About On The Level:

School Toilet Installation – Contact

For more information on school toilet installation by contact us here or phone (01) 811 7807.